“Burgess had excellent knowledge of the SunPower product. The communication of my project status was also excellent. All the people involved were great. Our project coordinator changed a couple times but even then, they were very good at communicating the next steps for us. The installation team was courteous, friendly, and professional. You could tell they really knew what they were doing. The whole experience of going solar was very smooth. I would recommend SunPower and Hyperion Solar to anybody that asks me."
–David K, Arcadia CA

“The experience of going Solar was easy. I would recommend SunPower and Hyperion Solar Energy to my friends and family. The collective communication with us was good. Our Solar consultant Codey was very knowledgeable about our solar system. The SunPower installation team was professional.”
–Larry & Susan I, Woodland Hills CA

“I'm very happy with my solar system. My consultant Mark was excellent. Even with the bump in the road with Edison, Mark's communication with me was excellent.”
–Lucianne F, Fullerton CA

“From my consultant Burgess to the SunPower team, the communication was excellent. It was easier than I thought to transition to Solar. Even though I was not home for the installation I can still tell that the job was done well.”
–Nicholas H, Duarte CA

“Excellent reviews for my consultant Codey and for the entire SunPower installation team.”
–Allen B, Los Angeles CA

“We would definitely recommend Hyperion Solar Energy to our friends and family.”
–Arnold & Wenshi T, El Sugundo CA

“Our experience of going solar with Hyperion Solar Energy and SunPower was smooth like a hot knife through butter.”
–Joshua S, Los Angeles CA

“I just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been working with you and the Sun Power team. The same day I received your email back a crew should up and work diligently to find a repair the leak, which wasn't easy to locate. They did not leave until they felt confident that they had explored every possible area! As the LORD would have it, it rained hard these last couple of days and their work was tested and proven thorough .

From the beginning this project has been atypical, with plenty of curve balls and I want to commend you and your team for hitting each one of them out of the park. My wife and I could not be happier. You have made fans of us for sure and we are going to be referring all of our friends and family to SunPower! If you ever need a statement on customer satisfaction for advertising please feel free to use any statements I have made here or we can write something specific for you guys.”
–Jesse B, Reseda CA

“The Hyperion Solar Consultant, Don Goldbeck, had excellent knowledge of the SunPower product. My Project Coordinator, Jessica, communicated with me the whole time regarding my project status. I always knew what to expect. The installation team was courteous, friendly, and professional, a great bunch of guys. You could tell they really knew what they were doing. The whole experience of going solar was very smooth except for dealing with DWP and the Building & Safety guys. I had to do some upgrades but now everything is up to code, so I’m happy with that in the end. Hyperion also helped with my roof which needed some repairs. I would recommend Hyperion Solar and SunPower to all my friends & family.”

–David M, Los Angeles, CA

"To Whom It May Concern:

Any large investment is nerve-wracking. Whether you’re leasing or purchasing, the decision to Go Solar is one that no one should take lightly because it’s a multi-decade decision. A decision that takes into account technology, quality, construction, customer service, and trust that the company you’ve chosen will not only remain trustworthy, but that over the years, they’ll prove through intangibles that you’ve made the right decision.

Although it’s only been months since my wife and I signed the dotted line, we look back on our decision with a feeling of relief and comfort. From the first interaction with the sales representative, Codey McCarthy of Hyperion Solar Energy, to the SunPower solar panels, to the final stroke of the paint push against the stucco, I have felt that no matter what came up in the process, I was dealing with people who are honest and professionals through and through. All our questions before, during, and after the installation were quickly addressed by Codey. Then, as we neared the installation date, SunPower’s project manager was always clear, communicating clear milestones and what to expect. On installation day, the team that showed up were professionals, solid, knowledgeable, and customer-service oriented. Even when a misunderstanding came up, before I assumed the worst, the Director of Ops, Scott penneisen of Hyperion Solar, called me and assured me that they will take care of my concerns. And they did.

Since going live, I have peace of mind. That’s probably the best way to describe what I feel. When we have parties, I am not paranoid about the yard lights, or the air-conditioning running during the blistering heat storms. Also, I know my home is future-proofed against drastic price increases that will come to pass for my neighbors in the years to come. I am convinced that I’ve made the right decision for my home, my family, and my budget.

In the end, it is clear to me that large investments don't need to be stress-inducing if you’re working with companies who have the best technology, the best installers, and honest salespeople who want to do right by the customer. We believe that is exactly what we got when we decided to Go Solar with Hyperion and SunPower."

–Ara G, Chatsworth CA

"Hey Ken,

I wanted to reach out and give you some feedback since pretty much all the physical installation work has been done. I will tell you I am INCREDIBLY HAPPY with every aspect of the pre-sales and implementation part of this project. From Shane to the Stucco guys, the contractors and staff you have supporting the business has been first rate. Ken, your ability to come into this project midway and keep it moving forward is impressive, as that is often not the case when support staff are changed midstream. I want to take a minute to call out a few major positives I have for this project:

1) Shane is an 'quirky' guy who clearly lives eats and breathes the product. I dig his passion, personality and sales ability. On his cold call visit he sat down with me and my 2 children and went over the entire process, what we could expect and how Sunpower does business. He has made me aware that he continues to be a part of the process and as a customer outlaying $30k+ for something that should me for years to come, that kind of hand holding is very welcome. In my line of work, I interact with sales staff on a daily basis and I find Shane to be one of a handful who can effectively sell AND evangelize the product. Having solicited 3 quotes for this solar, our final decision was made based on the pre-sales support Shane brought to the table as well as the quality of the product.

2) The panel installers (The Nice Guy Team) were amazing! Once again in my line of work I interact with countless contractors and installers and most of them are in and out with no real regard for the customer. With Alfonso and his crew, that was definitely NOT the case. The crew was prompt, professional and very communicative. Not only did they knock out the install quickly, they were great with my 2 kids! It's not every day a bunch of people were crawling around on the roof of our house, but they kept us aware of where they were and what they were doing so we could be safe while they were on site. They talked my wife through everything they were doing and made her feel very comfortable that they were doing their job well. When I came home to take look at the progress, I could see these guys are top of their game!

So far I'm confident that we made the right decision and look forward to the day you call me and let me know we're going live. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who needs to know how pleased my family is for our decision to move forward with Sunpower.

Thanks to you and the folks at Sunpower for all that you've been doing to get this going."

–Hsiawen H, Stevenson Ranch CA

"Dear Stan,

I want to thank you for all of your attention and diligence during my solar conversion. Although your technical presentation was complete and informative, your suggestion that I check with SCE was very helpful . I learned that SCE has a wealth of solar power information on their website and a Customer Service team dedicated to explaining the process, from their perspective, and helping homeowners with the decision to go solar. I appreciate your spending the additional time to identify the financial program that works best for me.

The conversion process went smoothly and was handled professionally by the entire Sunpower team. Jessica, the Project Coordinator, took care of everything from pre installation site survey to the post installation approval process and monitoring follow-up. I was concerned that installation day would be stressful, but the crew did a great job and got me through the day with all my marbles. I love the way they painted all of the conduit so it’s not even noticeable.

With my new solar system, every SCE bill shows my energy usage as a negative number. I’ve implemented your suggestions about how to maximize the benefits of Net Energy Metering and Time of Use billing, and my SCE delivery and generation charges have been even less than you projected.

Bottom line — I’m very happy with my decision!"

–Susan P, Altadena CA

"I wanted to respond earlier but I got caught up working. Shane, thank you for the information man! I appreciate your help explaining how the system and everything else works. I do hate we couldn't finish, the way we started. At the end of the day, we have a win...win for all of us. I wish you nothing but the best Shane.

Thank you all,"

Johnny N, Pacoima CA