Why Solar Energy?

What does solar energy provide compared to other energy sources?

While fossil fuels like coal, oil, natural gas still make up a majority of the world’s electricity supply, these energy sources are plagued by rising prices, increasing risks to the environment, security concerns, and an over-dependency on a limited number of countries that control most of the fossil fuel sources.

In response to these concerns about fossil fuels, governments, private businesses and individuals are turning to alternative and renewable energy source, chief among them being solar energy, which is harvested directly from the sun.


Who is Hyperion Solar Energy?

As a Southern California based company that was founded in early 2012, our mission at Hyperion Solar Energy has been to ensure that you have any easy transition to renewable energy.

As a SunPower® Elite Partner, Hyperion Solar Energy specializes in customizing SunPower® technology for your home. To do this we look for the “sweet spot” where the best of performance, financials, and aesthetic design all come together for the optimal SunPower® system to meet your needs. Learn More



World’s #1 maker of solar panels

For over 30 years, our partner SunPower® has been developing the most elegant and robust photovoltaic technology in the business, producing solar panels that are designed to withstand everything from golf balls to moisture to high winds to extreme temperature fluctuations.

SunPower® also comes with zero-down financing and the best production guarantee in the business.


Our Services and Benefits

An overview of what we provide

Customer Service

We will go the extra mile to make sure your energy needs and expectations are met.

No Cost Assessment

Just contact us and we will show up at your door to provide an assessment of your energy needs at no cost to you.

SunPower® Technology

SunPower® has the highest quality solar equipment with the best warranty in the business.

Factory Direct Installation

The best way to go solar is to go SunPower®, and the best way to go SunPower® is to go Factory Direct.

Utility Cost Protection

Transitioning to solar energy can help secure utility costs over the long term as utility rates continue to rise.

Solar For Your Business

Is your restaurant, office, or shop utility bill going through the roof? Contact us and we let you know how you can save money by switching to solar energy